For pure pleasure without regret

For pure pleasure without regret

anjoy® cares, protects and regenerates after anal sex!

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For pure pleasure without regret

For pure pleasure without regret

anjoy® cares, protects and regenerates after anal sex!

The gentle intimate care that protects and regenerates naturally.

Anal intercourse can be an incredible pleasure, but it can also negatively affect the sensitive skin in the anal area. Anal cracks, irritation, inflammation and skin diseases could occur if the skin is not sufficiently protected and cared for. In particular, a high exposure to germs in the anal area makes careful cleaning and care essential to avoid stressful irritation of the skin. Traditional intimate care products often contain ingredients that could damage the skin’s natural protective film and should therefore be carefully checked before use.


Made in Germany

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suitable for vegans

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100% natural

Application of anjoy®:

anjoy® is NOT a lubricant

anjoy® is used after sex for regeneration and care

anjoy® is applied after cleansing the skin

anjoy® is absorbed by the skin within a few minutes and thus unfolds its effect

The stressed skin is soothed and sustainably cared for directly after anal sex


anjoy® intimate care balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and has been specially formulated to help protect, maintain elasticity and regenerate the skin in the anal area in a natural way.
With its unique formula of secondary plant compounds and their antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties, anjoy® provides an effective reduction of possible negative influences on the health and elasticity of the skin.


Vegetable oils

  • regeneration after skin damage is supported
  • the mucous membrane / skin becomes more elastic and powerful
  • the disinfecting effect inhibits the spread of bacteria

resin and wax

  • the skin is protected by a light film formation
  • the analgesic resin has a disinfecting and antibacterial effect
  • the ability to heal wounds is increased

Medicinal herbs

  • ingredients have decongestant and hemostatic effects.
  • burning and itching are alleviated
  • Affected, inflamed mucous membrane is protected


  • natural vitamin E to stabilize the active ingredients.
  • the effect is strongly antioxidant, cell-protective

anjoy® can do so much more than just care:

  • Help with anal fissures

  • Help with wounds and burns

  • Help with torn corners of the mouth
  • Aftercare for tattoos and permanent make-up / microblading
  • Help with painful rhagades (crevice-like tears in the skin)
  • Help with diaper rash
  • help with chafed skin caused by sweating or sports

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